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    Extension Gallery for Architecture

Marc Fornes, view of BiAXiOiDS, 2010, Chicago. Courtesy of Extension Gallery.

Marc Fornes, BiAXiOiDS, Extension Gallery, April 1–September 10, 2010

Marc Fornes is the founder and principal of THEVERYMANY, a design studio and collaborative research forum based in New York which focuses on computation and the generation and automation of the "many."  The many are a generation within a paradigm that leads to aggregate systems, which create qualities of blurring boundaries, cloud-like transparencies, and distributed hierarchies, raising issues about redundancies, non-linear assembly logics, and the dramatic build-up of tolerances.

Lateral Office, The Active Layer, Extension Gallery, October 15–December, 3, 2010

Mason White and Lola Sheppard are the partners of Lateral Office, an award-winning experimental design practice that operates at the intersection of architecture, landscape, and urbanism. The studio is committed to design as a research vehicle to pose and respond to complex, urgent questions in the built environment. The Active Layer is an homage to the complex glaciated landscape of the Arctic.

Easton+Combs, Changing Room, Extension Gallery, April 8–June 3, 2011

Easton+Combs is an award winning, internationally recognized architectural office that operates as a laboratory for innovative building strategies at the intersection of material practice and applied architectural research. Easton+Combs approaches the production of architecture as a context for exploration of environments and the development of new spatial typologies towards critical models of social and cultural production at the scale of architecture and urbanism.

Catie Newel, Inhabiting Textures, Extension Gallery, June 24–September 10, 2011.

Catie Newel is a lecturer at the University of Michigan's Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning. She received her March from Rice University and a BS in architecture from Georgia Tech. In 2006, she was awarded the SOM Prize for Architecture, Design, and Urban Design for her project Weather Permitting. This extensive research and travel grant supported a year of study and design centered on the charged atmospheres of Norway, Faroe Islands, Iceland, and Greenland. Prior to joining the University of Michigan as the Oberdick Fellow in 2009, Newell worked as a project designer and coordinator at Office dA in Boston. Newell is a founding partner of Alibi Studio.

Extension Gallery staff:

Paula Palombo, executive director, has practiced architecture at Studio Libeskind in Berlin, Erik Van Egeraat in Rotterdam, and SOM in London. She has taught design studios at the University of Illinois at Chicago and founded PS Studio (2000) and Extension Gallery for Architecture (2006) with her partner and husband Eric Schall. Their practice is directed towards architectural competitions, installations, and architectural and interior design projects in the United States and the Middle East.

Elva Rubio's work has featured in the Art Institute of Chicago's Ten Visions exhibition, with the Mayor's Institute on City Design Future Visions, and in the Art Institute of Chicago's Women in Chicago Architecture. Rubio maintains her own design practice and is a principal and design director for the Chicago offices of Gensler. She has complemented her professional practice throughout her career with teaching engagements at the School of the Art Institute, the Illinois Institute of Technology, and the University of Illinois at Chicago. Rubio serves on the board of the Chicago Architecture Club, for which she is also a past president, chairman of the Burnham Prize, and cofounder of the Chicago Prize and Emerging Visions Competition.

Annie Pedret has worked as an architect in Vancouver, Toronto, and Barcelona. Her scholarly work focuses on the auto-critique, changing values, and widening agenda for modern architecture after World War II. She has taught design studios, and lecture courses and seminars from undergraduates to PhD levels in history and theory. Her interests lie in the intellectual history of architecture which she has taught at the Illinois Institute of Technology and presently at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The publication of her book, "Team 10: An Archival History, is scheduled for publication by Routledge in September 2013.

Extension Gallery for Architecture is a not-for-profit organization founded in February 2006 as an experimental forum for testing new thought and practices in architecture.  The gallery commissions architects with diverse architectural  paradigms to design site-specific installations that transform the gallery space allowing visitors to experience first-hand current architectural thought in practice. Extension Gallery provides a platform for dialogue between national and international practices and investigates the relations between architecture and other disciplines.