• Architecture is...
    Chicago Architecture Foundation

The Architecture is... series examines the multi-faceted, collaborative nature of architecture as a discipline that intersects with other cultural disciplines such as painting and dance, and that engages with social, political, and environmental agendas. The project creates opportunities for diverse audiences to learn how traditional boundaries and definitions of architecture are dissolving in order to allow collaboration and cross-pollination that inform and strengthen the practice of architecture—and enliven all cultural and artistic expression. The series of four public programs, presented over a period of eighteen months, demonstrate through completed work and ongoing projects that architecture is also art, performance, activism, and environment. Architecture is...engages new, diverse audiences of arts and culture enthusiasts in learning about architecture, encourages people to think of architecture beyond specific buildings, form, and structure, and to regard it as a field that is fluid, ubiquitous, and connected to a complexity of issues and forms of expression.

Founded in 1966, the Chicago Architecture Foundation (CAF) engages diverse public audiences in learning about architecture, infrastructure, and landscape with educational programs that include tours, exhibitions, lectures and symposia, and youth and family programs. CAF public programs challenge and inspire audiences to explore the role of architecture in shaping their lives and creating communities that are economically, culturally, and socially vibrant, and environmentally sustainable.