• Broken Glass: A Conversation with Ricardo Porro
    Felipe Dulzaides

Felipe Dulzaides, Broken Glass, video still, 2012-ongoing. Courtesy of the artist.

Broken Glass is the third video/documentary of the project Utopia posible. In different ways each of the videos that composes the project is an interior portrait of the author, and a poem about an unfinished building. Each of the works of Utopia posible address the architecture, the story and the author's creative process of the National Art schools in Havana, Cuba. This particular piece departs from the design concept of the modern dance school by Ricardo Porro; a broken glass as the metaphor for a radical social process with utopian ideals.

Utopia posible aside from creating artworks, intends to build a comprehensive archive of cultural and historical value. These videos are more than a recording of personal narratives, penetrating reflections on topics that range from the creative process, and architecture, to the Cuban Revolution itself. Utopia Posible has been featured at the following exhibition venues: Gwanju biennale, South Korea, 2008; Bienal de la Habana, Cuba, 2009; Graham Foundation, Chicago, US, 2010; Freedom Tower Gallery, Miami, US, 2012.

During the last twelve years, Felipe Dulzaides has developed a process-oriented body of work that includes video, installation, photography, sculpture, drawings, and public-art projects. This body of work examines themes such as identity in relation to politics, urban issues, and the relationship between architecture and ideology. Dulzaides is  visiting faculty in the New Genres department at the San Francisco Art Institute, and is the recipient of various awards including the Cintas Fellowship, the Creative Work Fund, the Art Matters Award, and the Rome Prize. His work has been widely featured at contemporary art galleries, museums, and biennials including the Gwangju Biennial, the California Biennial, and the Havana Biennial. Dulzaides mainly splits his time between San Francisco and Havana.