• Twisted
    Eric Ellingsen

Twisted Screenshot from La Sixième face du pentagone, Chris Marker. Photo: Eric Ellingsen.

Everything is twisted.

Twisted is a book lyric essay, a concrete poems deconcreting.

Here being Twisted begins 28,000 years ago. Here the first evidence of rope making in clay-etchings from Cro-Magnon beings. Here an algorithmic epoch begins. The knot Philosophies. The rope walks. Here agricultural colonialisms dredging through plantations twisting natureculturespecies slowing down sciencetoolstechniques timing.

Twisted stars Teacher Hoe, Motion, Land, Rib, Speaks, Brook, Green, Corner. Other Twisted characters...

Twisted is A Philosophy of Care, (B) a structural system, (C) a technique for more emotional architectures anew (G) a new species of space stalking us in ecologies aroundness.

Herein twists geographers of the unknown splendors still all-around us.

Herein twists TET cables, sky-hooks, heavy-petting transgenic golden-spidergoat zoos, other silken orbs. Twist in radical imagination communities.

In the time before the Depression Dignitaries arrive, in the onslaught of truly bizarre dreams...

The yarns are endless.

Be roped in.
Be twisted.

Eric Ellingsen started Species of Space in 2009. Ellingsen has taught architecture and landscape architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology, the University of Toronto, and is currently codirecting and teaching art in Berlin at the Institut für Raumexperimente. Education is one of his passions. Ellingsen performs and writes translation poetry experiments, essays, and fictionpoetry. Some writing has appeared in The Chicago Review, Conjunctions on-line, Beloit, Hobart, Landarēfa, Landscape Journal, PANK, Shampoo, and the Scientist, among others. From art institutions like the Palais de Tokyo (Paris) and the Serpintine Marathon (London), to architecture departments like the ETH (Zurich) and the EiABC (Ethiopian Institute of Architecture Building and Construction). Ellingsen exhibits all over the world, and combines lecture/performances and public walks twisting together ecology and the philosophy of nature. Ellingsen engages disciplines as tools to materialize site-specific hear-specific works. Sometimes he says the word "heart" over and over and over again.