• Cedric Price Works, 1952–2003: A Forward-Minded Retrospective
    Samantha Hardingham
    Canadian Centre for Architecture and Architectural Association, 2017
    Samantha Hardingham

Cedric Price, London Zoo Aviary, Regent's Park, London, England, perspective drawing (gelatin silver print), 1961 or after, 12.6 x 20.8 cm. Courtesy of Cedric Price Fonds, Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montréal.

Cedric Price Works, 1952–2003: A Forward-Minded Retrospective brings together for the first time a definitive anthology of all of the buildings and projects of British architect Cedric Price (1934–2003). Arranged in chronological order, fully illustrated and annotated, and accompanied by a separate volume of collected writings, lectures, and articles, these books aim to assert the significance of Price's ideas in the context of twentieth-century architectural activity. Price's first major commission—the New Aviary at London Zoo (1964)—owed much to his friendship with R. Buckminster Fuller. But he is perhaps more renowned for his unrealized works: Fun Palace (1960), a masterpiece in collaboration; Potteries Thinkbelt (1964), a radical approach to integrating higher education with industry; and Generator (1974), "the world's first intelligent building"—all ground-breaking in their thinking about the social, political, and cultural preoccupations of the postwar years.

Samantha Hardingham is an architectural author and researcher. She studied at the Architectural Association from 1987–93 before opening the critically-acclaimed Crowbar Coffee, a number of small regenerative venues in London (1993–2000). She has completed several guides to contemporary architecture, mostly notably London: A Guide to Recent Architecture (ellipsis/Batsford/Chrysalis, 1993), and two books on the work of British architect Cedric Price (1934–2003): Cedric Price Opera (Academy Wiley, 2003) and Cedric Price Retriever (InIVa, 2007). A series of ongoing projects, done in collaboration with David Greene of Archigram, include L.A.W.u.N. Project #19 & #20, a book and accompanying exhibition (Architectural Association, 2008), respectively. Hardingham was senior research fellow at the University of Westminster (2003–08) and visiting scholar at the Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal (2009), where she undertook further research on the work of Cedric Price. She has been a studio tutor at the Architectural Association since 2006.