• 9999: Florentine Memoirs
    Elettra Fiumi

Mondial Festival No. 1, Vita, Morte e Miracoli dell’Architettura happening with vegetable garden and flooding at the Space Electronic, S-Space: Scuola Separata per l’Architettura Concettuale Espansa, featuring Elettra’s sister Lilla, her mother Terry, Fabrizio (9999) and Ant Farm member. Courtesy of Space Electronic, 1971.

After losing her father, Fabrizio Fiumi, director Elettra Fiumi finds Super 8 reels in his stuff that reveals what looks like orgies. She embarks on a quest to uncover its contents and discovers the legacy of his 9999 Group, one of the least known and most important Radical Architecture collectives who won the 1972 Museum of Modern Art’s Italy: The New Domestic Landscape and founded one of the first discos ever that was a revolutionary multimedia space. Hidden in family archives, the group’s collage and film projects were largely forgotten—until now. When the director inherits the archive and realizes its potential to inspire change, she examines their projects, exploring their philosophical framework that can easily apply to the problems we face today regarding the environment and technology. Through her exclusive access, the director revives their avant-garde philosophy on the environment and technology through innovative actualizations of their unmade projects.

Elettra Fiumi (director/writer) is a NY-based Florentine-American filmmaker. Her documentaries focus on intimate profiles that explore themes of discovery, creation and sense of place. She is currently directing 9999: Radical Landscapes feature documentary, extracts of which have been screened at various museums worldwide. It was selected for the Documentary Campus Masterschool, it's fiscally sponsored by Women Make Movies, funded by the Graham Foundation and supported by various museums. Her films have screened on PBS, the BBC, MSNBC, The New Yorker, Architectural Digest, and others. She has worked worldwide including on horseback, in a war zone, and through white water rapids. Fiumi is an alum of the Harun Farocki Labor in a Single Shot workshop, the Columbia Journalism School, Mount Holyoke College, and the International School of Florence.