• Atmosphere Anatomies: On Design, Weather, and Sensation
    Silvia Benedito
    Iwan Baan
    James Corner and Christophe Girot
    Lars Müller Publishers, 2021
    Iwan Baan & Silvia Benedito

Carlos Raúl Villanueva (1943–1970), covered walkway-classroom at the University City of Caracas, 2014. Photo: Iwan Baan.

Atmosphere Anatomies examines the relationships between landscape architecture, urbanism, and atmosphere as design media for sensory and physiological well-being. Focusing on evolving philosophical, aesthetic, and meteorological concepts, this book probes the techniques and contexts of projects in which atmosphere and its various elements—wind, humidity, temperature, sound, and light—are formative to design. Landscape architecture and urbanism cannot be separated from meteorological subjects and atmospheric processes; the consideration of these processes offers an opportunity to holistically re-imagine and re-design the environments one inhabits. This book recognizes the intrinsic scope of landscape architecture and urbanism as outdoor environmental disciplines for individual and collective experiences. It foregrounds sensation, the body, and the haptic qualities of the selected civic spaces as backdrops for everyday life—those spaces both inhabited and sensed.

Silvia Benedito is an architect/urbanist and assistant professor of landscape architecture at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design (GSD). She also serves as faculty cochair of the Sensory Media Platform and cocoordinator of the art, design, and public domain concentration (MDes) at the GSD. Benedito received a degree in music and architecture from Coimbra's Conservatory of Music and Coimbra University, and a post-professional degree in urban design from the GSD. She is coprincipal of OFICINAA, an international, award-winning architecture, landscape, and urban design practice based in Cambridge (US) and Ingolstadt (Germany). Benedito is coeditor of a forthcoming book with Actar, Thermodynamic Interactions: An Exploration into Physiological, Material and Territorial Atmospheres.

Iwan Baan is a Dutch photographer known primarily for images that narrate life interactions, which occur within architecture. Baan grew up outside Amsterdam, studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, and worked in publishing and documentary photography in New York and Europe. He frequently collaborates on books, and has worked with SANAA Studios, the Porsche Museum, and Steven Holl's Knut Hamsun Museum; his most recent volume is Brasilia–Chandigarh: Living With Modernity (Lars Müller Publishers). Upcoming projects include a book with the Benesse Foundation on the Setouchi Islands in Japan (Lars Müller Publishers), and No More Play, with Michael Maltzan and the University of Southern California’s School of Architecture (Hatje Cantz). Baan's images frequently appear in the New York Times, Domus, Abitare, and the New Yorker, among other publications.