Public Program

  • Lampo 2015 Concert Series at the Graham Foundation

Steve Hauschildt performance at Madlener House, 2013, Chicago.

Lampo commissions, produces, and presents the work of music's leading experimentalists. The organization carefully curates each season of concerts—bringing musicians and composers from around the world to Chicago, and supporting the creation and presentation of new works. By design, Lampo produces few projects annually, focusing special attention on each one, and making each a distinct experience for the artists and their audience.

Founder and executive director of Lampo, Andrew Fenchel curates an ongoing series of experimental music concerts and intermedia projects. In addition to his work with Lampo, he has served on numerous review panels and juries locally, nationally, and internationally.

It is the mission of Lampo to promote and support artists working in experimental music and intermedia, by commissioning, producing, and presenting special projects and performances. Lampo brings music's leading innovators from around the world to Chicago and offers the public rare opportunities to experience this important work in person. Founded in 1997, the organization also organizes educational programs, publishes written and recorded documents related to its performance series, and collaborates with the local arts community and national partners.