• Faktur: Documents and Architecture, Issues No. 2 and 3
    Matthew Kennedy and Pep Avilés
    Faktur, 2019
    Matthew Kennedy & Pep Avilés

Hamed Khosravi, Taneha Kuzniecow Bacchin, Filippo LaFleur, the Port & the Fall of Icarus, 2018, Venice, Italy. © Igreg Studio.

Faktur: Documents and Architecture is a journal that celebrates research as the source of architectural imagination. The journal responds to the concerns of an emerging generation of architects and aims to bridge the distance between practice and academic scholarship. Faktur is interested in new and innovative methods for presenting and discussing architecture that understand research, both academic and otherwise, as a crucial precondition to developing critical, contemporary projects. It presents topics, locations, and architectural concerns that function as micro-narratives illuminating larger issues of global culture. Faktur investigates the construction of material arguments from local perspectives, linking them to long-durée historical threads within architecture on the one hand, and current political, economic, and cultural concerns on the other. Finally, Faktur asks how these investigations affect, inform, or influence the design processes of contemporary architectural practices.

Pep Avilés is assistant professor at the College of Arts and Architecture, Penn State University. He holds a diploma in architecture and a master’s degree in the history and theory of architecture from the School of Architecture in Barcelona, and an MA and PhD from Princeton University. Avilés taught previously at Columbia University, The Cooper Union, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, and the Barcelona Institute of Architecture, where he was appointed head of graduate studies. He is the editor of the Spanish edition of Siegfried Ebeling’s 1926 publication Der Raum als Membran, which appeared in 2015. His writings have been published in magazines such as Footprint, San Rocco, Thresholds, Quaderns d’Architecture i Urbanisme, Clog, and Project, and in books such as Climates: Architecture and the Planetary Imagery (Avery Review, 2016) and The Other Architect (Spector Books, 2016). He is founding principal of the experimental architectural platform The Fautory.

Matthew Kennedy is an American architect and writer based in Mexico City. He holds a master’s of architecture from Columbia University, and a bachelor’s degree in media and mass communications from the University of South Carolina. He has collaborated with Kenneth Frampton on the forthcoming fifth edition of his celebrated Modern Architecture: A Critical History, and is the coauthor, together with Nile Greenberg, of The Advanced School of Collective Feeling (Park Books, 2018). He has participated in panels, juries, and discussions at SCI-Arc, and the AIA New York Center for Architecture, and the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at Columbia University in New York. He has been a project architect in the studio of Frida Escobedo where he has worked predominantly on exhibitions, installations, and academic research, leading such projects as the Serpentine Pavilion in London, the Chicago Architecture Biennial, and an intervention in the Neutra VDL Research House in Los Angeles.

Editorial Board of Advisors: Pedro Ignacio Alonso, Maria S. Giudici, James Graham, Guillermo López Ibáñez, Ana Miljački, Anna Puigjanner, and Ines Weizman.