• CROP 10: YIELD
    Chaimae Alehyane, Susanna Brinez, Harmony Smith, and Corinne Tendorf
    Texas Tech College of Architecture, 2022
    Texas Tech University-College of Architecture

Cover of "CROP 09: Shed." Courtesy Texas Tech University

CROP 10: YIELD is the tenth edition of Texas Tech’s College of Architecture student-led publication. CROP gathers essays, interviews, and design work from the institution and beyond. It is a fully-bilingual publication—in both English and Spanish—that was established in 2009. It disseminates the richness of the College’s architectural production, and reflects the diverse cultural geography of its two campuses; one in West Texas and the other on the Mexico-United States border. This issue, YIELD, is crafted as a contemplation and a continuation, offering a chance to cast a backward glance on the architectural discourse contained within the pages of the previous nine editions of publication, while also providing an opportunity to solicit a steady stream of new contributions that explore how to proceed forward—with architecture, with art, with life, and with caution—provided that it is safe to do so.

Noémie Despland-Lichtert is a visiting instructor at Texas Tech University and the faculty mentor for CROP 09: SHED. She holds a post-professional master of architecture from McGill and a master’s of curatorial practices from the University of Southern California. Her professional experiences include the Board of Montreal Museum Directors, the Canadian Center for Architecture, Sussman-Prejza, and the Getty Research Institute. Previously she taught at the University of Southern California, the Otis School of Art and Design, and at Woodbury University.

Brendan Sullivan Shea is an assistant professor at Texas Tech University and the faculty mentor for CROP 10: YIELD. He holds a MArch from Princeton University and a bachelor of arts in architectural studies from University of California Los Angeles. He is a creator of Reimaging, a collective that cultivates representational futures for architectural production, and a cofounder of 2426, a space in Los Angeles that combines the production and exhibition of new architectural works. Previously he taught at the University of Southern California.

Chaimae Alehyane is a first-generation college student, raised in Revere, Massachusetts, and based in Fort Worth, Texas. Alehyane is a student at Texas Tech University pursuing degrees in both architecture and civil engineering in addition to serving as a member of the CROP editorial team.

Susanna Brinez is an undergraduate student at Texas Tech pursuing a degree in architecture. Brinez was born and raised in Venezuela and moved to Houston in 2018. She joined CROP in the fall of 2021 and continues working with the magazine as a part of the editorial team.

Harmony Smith is an undergraduate student at Texas Tech University pursuing her degree in architecture with a minor in general business. Smith was born in Rapid City, South Dakota and moved to San Antonio, Texas when she was in elementary school. She is working on a national housing project with her peers, works as a student assistant for the College of Architecture, and is layout editor for CROP.

Corinne Tendorf is webmaster as well as an editorial board member of CROP. She is originally from San Antonio, Texas and is an undergraduate student at Texas Tech University in the College of Architecture.

CROP has established an external board to advise the editorial team on academic issues, current trajectories, and upcoming opportunities in academic architectural publication. The Advisory Board consists of the following collaborators, directors, and consultants: Noémie Despland-Lichtert, internal content consultant; David Isern, external content consultant; Anna Rieger, graphic design advisor; National Organization of Minority Architect Students (NOMAS) Texas Tech chapter, local content consultants.

Texas Tech College of Architecture aspires to advance the knowledge, discipline, and practice of architecture through innovation, creative teaching, research, regional and global engagement, and scholarship. The College of Architecture has a new vision and goals which emphasize the discipline and practice, engaging in advanced design and design-related research. The College is in the process of fully implementing a revised curriculum. The new curriculum builds upon the needs of a changing world by looking at the method of integrating technology within design studios, introducing history and theory at an earlier level to invigorate the worldliness and capacity of students, reinforcing new ways to teach structures and construction techniques, and implementing a new study abroad programs that will help students engage the world.