• Geo-Fantasies: A Space Race on Planet Earth
    Andrea Molina Cuadro
    Artist and Curator
    Reem Yassin
    Citygroup, New York
    Apr 19, 2024 to Jun 16, 2024
    Andrea Molina Cuadro

Andrea Molina Cuadro, "44°23’17.0”N 105°27’32.9”W," 2022. Pigment prints mounted to DIBOND, 50 x 33 in. Courtesy the author

In the western lands of Wyoming and Montana, an emerging form of land territorialization is unfolding at the threshold of public visibility. The Greencore Pipeline is a 232-mile invasive infrastructure that transports carbon dioxide from Denbury’s capture facility at the Lost Cabin gas plant in Wyoming to a sequestration point in the Bell Creek (old) oil field in Montana. On its way, the pipeline perpetuates the disruption of different forms of wildlife and agricultural practices, as the existing legal frameworks facilitate for the industry to get access to small landowners’ and environmentally protected areas for its expansive operations. Tracing the operations, marks, and signs of the carbon capture and sequestration industry development in these territories, the exhibition offers a fertile ground for critical inquiry on the social, cultural, governance and environmental ramifications that the engineering of an anthropogenic carbon cycle entails.

Andrea Molina Cuadro is an architect and researcher whose work explores diverse forms of critical spatial practices across the disciplines of architecture, art, and environmental humanities. She is an adjunct assistant professor at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP) at Columbia University, and a gallery and exhibitions fellow at Storefront for Art and Architecture. She has been an art resident at the Mutant Institute for Environmental Narratives (IMNA) in Matadero Madrid, a researcher at the Center for Spatial Research, and worked for several architecture design firms such as Estudio Herreros and Moneo Brock. Molina Cuadro has been awarded La Caixa Fellowship and has been nominated for the Young Talent Architecture Award (YTAA) among other recognitions. She holds an MS in Critical, Curatorial and Conceptual Practices in Architecture from Columbia University, a master’s in architecture from the School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM) and a degree in architecture and urban design from Alcalá University.