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  • Attention Audio Journal, Issues 8, 9, and 10
    Joseph Bedford
    Joseph Bedford

Contributors to Attention 8, “Talkin’ ‘bout my generation,” 2023. Screenshot including Interviewer: Joseph Bedford. Interviewees (from left to right, top to bottom): Mira Henry and Matthew Au, Michael Meredith, David Eskanazi, Anna Neimark, Jimenez Lai, Andrew Holder, Jerome Haferd, Katie MacDonald, Kyle Schumann, Curtis Roth, Jaffer Kolb, Kristy Balliet, Kelly Bair, Ashley Bigham, Erik Herrmann, Meredith Miller, Andrew Kovacs, McLain Clutter, Cyrus Peñarroyo, Clark Thenhaus, Bryony Roberts, Stewart Hicks, Jon Lott, Michelle Chang, Michael Young, Daniel Jacobs, Brittany Utting, Kyle Reynolds, Hans Tursack, Kyle Miller, Neyran Turan, and Paul Preissner. Courtesy Joseph Bedford

Attention is unique in exploring architectural culture through sound, using audio to transform the way that architecture is understood and appreciated. Communicating issues in contemporary architectural culture, theory, and practice to a listening public, Attention is disseminated freely as a semiannual curated collection of podcasts through its website and different podcast platforms such as iTunes. By precluding visual media, the journal strikes a distance from the distraction economy of much online media, creating an intimate and reflective space for the in-depth development of topics. Through interviews, round-table debates, oral histories, field recordings, the exploration of archival recordings, experimental music, soundscapes, reportage and audio essays, Attention seeks to expand the forms and audiences of architectural criticism, reportage, and debate.

Joseph Bedford is the founding editor of Attention. He is an associate professor of history and theory at Virginia Tech. He holds a PhD in the history, theory, and criticism of architecture from Princeton University and was the recipient of the 2008–09 Rome Prize at the British School in Rome. He has taught design and history and theory courses at Princeton University, Pratt Institute, and Columbia University. In addition to his research, he develops new media projects in architecture that range from documentary film to audio podcasts, video-exhibitions, and live-streamed events. He is the founding director of the Architecture Exchange, a platform for theoretical exchange between architecture and other fields. He has published numerous articles in journals such as Architecture Research Quarterly, AA Files, the Journal of Architectural Education, and Log.