• Public by Design, 2023 Exhibit Columbus
    Exhibit Columbus, Columbus
    Aug 26, 2023 to Nov 26, 2023
    Landmark Columbus Foundation

“Designed by the Public,” 2023. Digital rendering. Courtesy Tatiana Bilbao ESTUDIO / Exhibit Columbus

The fourth exhibition of Exhibit Columbus explores the theme Public by Design to demonstrate how collaborations between communities and designers can revitalize and reimagine historic downtowns as equitable, beautiful, healthy, and joyful places. The 2023 exhibition opens in late August and runs through the end of November and includes four installations by the J. Irwin and Xenia S. Miller Prize Recipients, seven by University Design Research Fellows, a Communications Designer, and the High School Design Team. Public by Design serves as a platform for many communities and architects to become energized about the values of inclusivity, care, and generosity. It celebrates creative methods of collaboration that communities and designers can use to grow a sense of belonging in public spaces. This exhibition represents an opportunity to demonstrate how citizens can play new and transformative roles in shaping a public life that is more connected to the public realm.

J. Irwin and Xenia S. Miller Prize Recipients:

Practice for Architecture and Urbanism (PAU), a Manhattan-based studio dedicated to the advancement of sustainable, equitable, and joyous cities led by Vishaan Chakrabarti and Ruchika Modi; Studio Zewde, a landscape architecture, urban design, and public art practice based in Harlem, New York City; PORT, a public realm design and planning consultancy made up of landscape architects, architects, urban designers, and planners based in Philadelphia and Chicago; and Tatiana Bilbao ESTUDIO, a Mexico City-based architecture studio

University Design Research Fellows:

Joseph Altshuler and Zack Morrison, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign School of Architecture, Urbana-Champaign and Chicago, IL; Esteban Garcia Bravo and Maria Clara Morales, Purdue University Department of Computer Graphics Technology, West Lafayette, IN; Jessica Colangelo and Charles Sharpless, University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design, Fayetteville, AR; Deborah Garcia, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Architecture, Cambridge, MA; Molly Hunker and Greg Corso, Syracuse University School of Architecture, Syracuse, NY; Katie MacDonald and Kyle Schumann, University of Virginia School of Architecture, Charlottesville, VA; Halina Steiner, Tameka Baba, Forbes Lipschitz, and Shelby Doyle, The Ohio State University Austin E. Knowlton School of Architecture and Iowa State University School of Design, Columbus, OH and Ames, IA

High School Design Team:

Led by teacher Darin Johnson and includes students from all three high schools in the county: Trinity Carter, Haniel Cruz, Anushka Damle, Mariana DeLuca, Alexander DePaul, Isabel Garduno, Owen Hebert, Brooke Leslie, Sam Loheide, Nettie Meeks, Max Nash, Judah Nickoll, Bryce Olson, Ashley Perez, Gloria Phillips, Grishma Pitkar, Joycee Redman, Beatriz Santana, Trent Tyree, and Vaughan Williams

Communication Design:

Chris Grimley, Signals, Boston, MA

Exhibit Columbus Curatorial Partners:

Paola Aguirre, Urban Designer, BORDERLESS; Chris Merritt, Landscape Architect, Merritt Chase; Lauren M. Pacheco, Civic and Cultural Artist, Steel Studio Foundation; Bryony Roberts, Designer, Writer, Educator, Bryony Roberts Studio; Raymund Ryan, Curator at Large, The Heinz Architectural Center at Carnegie Museum of Art; Holly Warren, Assistant Director for the Arts, Economic and Sustainable Development Department

Community Curators:

Jason Hatton, Executive Director, Bartholomew County Public Library; Dave Hayward, City Engineer, Executive Director of Public Works City of Columbus; Mark Jones, Director, Parks and Recreation Department City of Columbus; Dan Mustard, Executive Director, Mill Race Center

Curatorial Advisors:

James Lima, President and Founder, James Lima Planning + Development; Yuxiang Luo, Director, James Lima Planning + Development; Aida Ramirez, Director, Columbus Human Rights Commission; Joanna Woronkowicz and Douglas Noonan, Faculty Directors, Indiana University Center for Cultural Affairs; David Terrell, Executive Director, and Brian Blackford, Director of Program Development and Training, Ball State University Indiana Communities Institute

Landmark Columbus Foundation was founded in 2019 with the mission to care for, celebrate, and advance the cultural heritage of Columbus, Indiana.