Stephanie Davidson
    Toronto Metropolitan Universitiy, 2024
    Toronto Metropolitan University

Case study in space for free, pallet of pavers on a construction site used as free seating, Toronto, 2022. Photo: Stephanie Davidson

SPACE FOR FREE is a new architecture zine produced by students at Toronto Metropolitan University with faculty support. The zine, published bimonthly, provides a forum for the study of spaces that are accessible to anyone, for any use, for free. Each issue is devoted to the documentation of one space through drawing, photography, contextual analysis and a short essay. SPACE FOR FREE doesn’t differentiate between anonymous and authored architecture; spaces documented in the zine can be any scale, and might be temporary, ad-hoc, self-built or formal, “designed” places. The zine presents architecture as populist and inclusive, and spaces are published in an investigatory spirit, in order to be looked at and studied further, with the ultimate hope that SPACES FOR FREE, for everyone and everything, will proliferate worldwide. Spaces are selected for publication through an open call for submissions.

Stephanie Davidson is faculty lead of SPACE FOR FREE. She is a cofounder of DAVIDSON RAFAILIDIS with Georg Rafailidis. Work of DAVIDSON RAFAILIDIS has been recognized internationally with awards such as the Architectural Review AR House award (2020); The Architect’s Newspaper Best of Design, Adaptive Re-use (2022); the Architectural Review New into Old award (shortlist and commendation, 2021); among others. The pair received the Architectural League of New York Emerging Voices award in 2018 and Canadian Architect “10 and change—emerging talent” award in 2020. Davidson has taught in Germany, the United States, and Canada. She is currently a visiting professor at the University of Ioannina in northern Greece.

Quentin Mitchell is the owner and operator of Vide Press, an independent risograph printing studio in Toronto, Canada founded in 2016. Through Vide Press, Mitchell has established himself as a vital member of the independent publishing and risograph community and is proud to work closely with other Canadian riso studios, such as Colour Code Printing in Toronto and Moniker Press in Vancouver. Vide Press is the printer for SPACE FOR FREE.

Tobias Röttger and Susanne Stahl are graphic designers and cofounders of Stahl R (Berlin). Stahl R works with arts organizations and cultural events on graphic design and visual identity. Most recently, they produced poster campaigns for the German theatre ensemble RambaZamba and the visual identity for the Rotterdam Architecture Biennale. Their work has been included in the “100 Beste Plakate” (100 Best Posters) awards program. Stahl R (together with Kathrin Baumgartner) are the graphic designer of the SPACE FOR FREE poster-zine.

Davidson, Mitchell, and Röttger/Stahl will be involved in the organization, editing, and production of each issue of SPACE FOR FREE while student collaborators will change with each issue.

Student collaborators:

Nicolas Burbano Diaz is currently completing a bachelor’s degree in interior design at the Toronto Metropolitan University. Challenging the status quo is part of his design process and philosophy. He believes that design can help improve people’s lives.

Colin Cameron holds a bachelor’s degree in interior design from Toronto Metropolitan University, a diploma in hospitality management, and a fine furniture and joinery certificate from Camosun College in Victoria, British Columbia. He was raised in the Canadian Rockies and has spent many years living, working, and studying on Vancouver Island. Cameron now calls Toronto home.

Roxana Cordon-Ibanez is a recent graduate of Toronto Metropolitan University. She is most passionate in promoting inclusive, adaptable, and human-centered design. During her undergraduate career, Cordon-Ibanez has held numerous teaching assistantships and has worked as a research assistant for architecture practice Davidson Rafailidis.

Claire Hoilett attends Toronto Metropolitan University. She is in her second year, working towards her bachelor’s degree in interior design. Originally from the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Hoilett is particularly committed to finding ecologically-sensitive approaches to context in her design process.

Maegan Rose Mehler holds a bachelor's and master's degree in fine arts from the University of Victoria, and University of Guelph. She is currently completing her bachelor’s degree in interior design at Toronto Metropolitan University.

Joelle Poitras is a recent graduate of Toronto Metropolitan University. She aspires to integrate a circular-design perspective into all of her work as she develops her knowledge in design and contemporary making.

Eira Roberts attends Toronto Metropolitan University. She is entering her fourth year of design studies, minoring in curatorial studies and history. She was raised exploring the arts and her curiosity is a continued part of her creative practice.

The SPACE FOR FREE zine was developed as a way of studying and sharing findings about spaces in cities that are available to everyone, for free. SPACE FOR FREE is based out of, and published by, Toronto Metropolitan University but is dedicated to free space everywhere. This organization was founded in 2023.