• Will to War, Will to Art: Cultural Internationalism and the Modernist Aesthetics of Monuments, 1932-1964

    Lucia Allais
    Carter Manny Award
  • The Formless Groszstadt and Its Potent Negativity: Berlin, 1910 through the Eyes of Endell, Scheffler, and Hegemann

    Alexander Eisenschmidt
    Carter Manny Award
  • Mosque Development in America's Suburbs: Lessons for Conflict Management and Public Policy from Three Case Studies

    Kathleen E. Foley
    Carter Manny Award
  • The Modern Church in Rome: Architecture, Theology, and Community, 1945-80

    Timothy Parker
    Carter Manny Award
  • Providence_2010_holtimage

    Nancy Holt: Sightlines

    Columbia University - The Wallach Art Gallery
  • 9788496540644_c01-1

    Far From Equilibrium: Essays on Technology and Design Culture

    Sanford Kwinter