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Florian Hecker
Lampo Performance Series
Apr 30, 2011 (8pm)

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Interested in notions of surprise and abrupt change in sound, Florian Hecker will perform Speculative Solution for the first time in the U.S. on April 30, 2011. Speculative Solution is a series of “micro-chronics” or auditory sequences that range from extreme stasis to the most dynamic intensities. Hecker has set out to create new music exploring philosopher Quentin Meillassoux’s concept of “hyperchaos.”

Here is Hecker’s predicament: it may be impossible to create a rational presentation of hyperchaos because hyperchaos may not be experienceable. While any composition has a finite duration, “hyperchaos is a theory of time, a theory to show that time is not becoming,” as Meillassoux puts it, which we understand as a sort of continuity or reference to the infinite nature of the universe. And, achieving real disorder is impossible anyway, “because disorder is just another form of order than the one you expect,” where fast-moving sound is a cliché of randomness and merely another form of organization…

His performance delivers a perfect combination of theoretical underpinning and drop-dead digital disorientation. Urbanomic, the UK organization that originally commissioned the project, features a conversation between Hecker, Meillassoux and writer Robin Mackay on its website. Click here to access the PDF.

Recent performances by Florian Hecker (b. 1975, Augsburg, Germany) include Push & Pull, Tate Modern, London (2011); Instal, Tramways, Glasgow (2010); Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin (2010) as well as a series of collaborations with Aphex Twin at Warp 20, Cité de la Musique, Paris and Sacrum Profanum, Krakow, both in 2009. Solo exhibitions include MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt (2010); Chisenhale Gallery, London (2010); Bawag Contemporary, Vienna (2009) and Sadie Coles HQ London (2008). In addition, he has an extensive discography, and he also works closely with visual artists, including Angela Bulloch, Carsten Höller, Florian Pumhösl and Cerith Wyn Evans. Hecker lives in Vienna, Austria and Kissing, Germany.

Hecker last performed at Lampo in October 2006, when he presented a new 6-channel computer work – a hybrid of his artificial neural network piece and other material that later became "Acid in the Style of David Tudor" (eMego 2009). In November 2002 Hecker and Yasunao Tone premiered "Palimpsest" at Lampo, in the duo's first U.S. appearance. Hecker also presented his solo work "Stocha Acid Vlook."

This performance is presented in partnership with Lampo. Founded in 1997, Lampo is a non-profit organization for experimental music, sound art and intermedia projects. For information and to add your name to the Lampo list, contact or visit