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Treatise Panel Discussion & Book Launch
Mar 28, 2015 (9am)
Panel Discussion

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Please join us for a panel discussion and book launch to conclude our current exhibition and publication project Treatise: Why Write Alone?

On March 28th, Jimenez Lai will be joined by representatives from all fourteen offices to debate the collective and individual stakes that have emerged from this temporary allegiance of designers. All together for the first time, the participants will discuss their own work as well as the perceived outcomes of this project for the participants and within the architectural field. 
RSVP is required for the morning and afternoon panel sessions.

Please note: Seating will be very limited, and event entry will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. RSVP does not guarantee entry, so please plan to arrive early.



9:00AM-12:30PM: Morning Session (RSVP required)

Swerves of the Curves: The Projective Misuse of Softness
CAMESgibson, Design with Company

Rainbows, Bricks and Balloons: The Translucent, Sexual and the Deliciousness
SOFTlab, Bittertang

On Nothingness: The Terrors of White Noise
First Office, Norman Kelley, Is Office

12:30PM-2:00PM: Break for Lunch

2:00PM-5:30PM: Afternoon Session (RSVP required)

Why Philosophy Alone? Of Objects, Measures, Cultures and the Cosmos
Young Ayata, Alex Maymind, Fake Industries

Mess is More: an Ode to the Scatter-Minded Court Jesters
Andrew Kovacs, Speedism, Point Supreme

Open Discussion

6:00PM-8:00PM: Book Launch Party (RSVP optional)



Both the complete set and individual volumes (116-pages each; $20) will be available for purchase at the Graham Foundation bookshop. All pre-orders made before the launch will receive a 10% discount. Please contact for more information on purchasing.

Bittertang, Babies and Baloney

Bureau Spectacular, The Politics of Flatness

CAMESgibson, A Performed Memoir

Design With Company, Mis-guided Tactics for Propriety Calibration

Fake Industries Architectural Agonism, Four Hypotheses on the Use of Agonistic Copies in the Architectural Field

First Office, Nine Essays

Pieterjan Ginckels, SPEEDISM: The Dead Angle of Architecture

is-office, No Project

Andrew Kovacs, Architectural Affinities

Alex Maymind, Revisiting Revisiting

Norman Kelley, Eyecon

Point Supreme, Athens Projects

SOFTlab, Identity Crisis

Michael Young, The Estranged Object

For more information on the exhibition, Treatise: Why Write Alone?, click here.