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Wool Work
Emily Winter
Dec 05, 2019 (6pm)

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Emily Winter from The Weaving Mill discusses her recent research into domestic wool supply chains, following Navajo-raised wool in its transformation from raw material to the stuff of craft. Starting with its entry to the supply chain at the annual Navajo Nation Wool Buy, through grading, scouring, spinning, and weaving, this project opens up the typically-opaque steps of the supply chain through site visits and interviews. This fieldwork is part of the larger project and ethos of The Weaving Mill, in which consideration of the material, social, and historical contexts that shape the work and operations of the studio is a fundamental piece of the practice itself.

Emily Winter is a weaver based in Chicago. She is co-founder of The Weaving Mill, an experimental weaving studio in Humboldt Park that blends design, fine art, textile education, and research-based practice in the context of a repurposed textile manufacturing facility housed in a day program for adults with developmental disabilities. She has a master’s in textiles from the Rhode Island School of Design and a bachelor’s in history from the University of Chicago.

The Weaving Mill is an experimental weaving studio in Chicago’s Humboldt Park that blends design, fine art, textile education, and research-based practice.

Image: Waiting in line at the Wool Buy, Tuba City AZ, June 2019

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