• The Seductiveness of the Interval
    Stefan Constantinescu, Andrea Faciu, Ciprian Muresan, and studio BASAR
    Alina Serban
    The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago
    May 02, 2010 to Jun 27, 2010
    Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago

View of The Seductiveness of the Interval, 2010, Renaissance Society, Chicago.

The Renaissance Society presents The Seductiveness of the Interval, a project shown at the Romanian Pavilion of the 2009 Venice Biennale. The work of three Romanian artists—Stefan Constantinescu, Andrea Faciu and Ciprian Muresan—is exhibited in a two-story architectural structure designed by studio BASAR specifically for that purpose. Together, the artists explore themes of exile, the human capacity for cruelty, and hope. Although the artists' works are distinct in terms of form and content, they are united by a structure conceived as a stage set where the viewer is invited to reflect on the individual works and the viewing experience itself.

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